Last year our Mt. Kilimanjaro fundraiser raised enough funds to help buy an ambulance for the Maasai. Through your support, a collaboration was born which will hopefully link volunteer doctors from University of California San Diego with the doctor in the village helping this health program grow. We are actively working on this project. Please consider supporting this mission as well - we are looking for additional funds to run and outfit the ambulance.

I am moved by the Maasai people's positivity and appreciation for even the smallest blessings, despite their very harsh living conditions. Some patients walk over 60 miles to get to the clinic, often with their children in tow. The gravely ill have no way to get to the clinic unless they are carried by family members. Infections, trauma and pregnancy issues are the most common reason for clinic visits. Unfortunately, their doctor, even with his exceptional dedication and training, had no way of getting to his patients in time.

These are good people, and I felt so happy being among them, helping them with some of their challenges, and especially having the opportunity to help build something from ground up. This is your chance to contribute. Help us buy and ambulance for the village - you will be saving lives and making a huge long term contribution for the development of health services in this community.

Edward Norton sends out a message to the S.H.A.R.E team.